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Kindergarten Apple Theme

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Teach science with apples...

Late September is a great time to teach a kindergarten apple theme. Many varieties of apples are ripe, there are orchards to visit and opportunities to learn information about apples in many of the subject areas.

There are many apple books available and apple poems and rhymes online, which inspire apple science and math. Read more for an apple theme math and literature activity based on "Ten Apples Up on Top".

apple theme ideas

Apple theme science activities

Learn how tools help us

  • Borrow or purchase an apple corer and peeler machine
  • Let each child core their own apple (wash it first!)
  • Bake apple tarts
  • Make applesauce leaving skin on and core in (check for bugs)
  • Borrow or purchase a sieve (see top photo) to grind to apple pulp and separate cores from sauce. The children love turning the handle and watching the pulp drip out the bottom.
  • Discuss how machines help us prepare food
  • Record discussion comments in a class book, have children illustrate pages

Observe the characteristics of an apple

  • Look for the star in the apple (cut horizontally)
  • Cut both ways to see the seeds inside.
  • Visit an apple orchardHow Apples Grow
  • Read "How do Apples Grow" and then cut and glue an "Apple Growth Worksheet"
  • Create an apple tree throughout the seasons book (see below)

Make an "Apple Tree Through the Seasons" book

apple art ideasCut 4 tree trunk shapes (free pattern) out of lightweight card. Four children can then work at the tables while the others are in centers. Put one cut out tree trunk under a piece of white paper for each child. I photocopy the words on the paper first. "The apple tree in _______"

Tape the edges of the paper to the table. The children rub over the paper with a dark brown jumbo crayon on its side and the edges of the cardboard trunk underneath will appear. Have the students make 4 papers each. Some will need help to finish four images.

Don't worry about removing the tape from the corners of the paper, just peel it off the table and fold it over.

Decorate one page for each season. Do this over a week's time, discussing the seasonal changes. Read a book such as, "The Season's of Arnold's Apple Tree".
apple seasons book

Spring: Glue bits of pink tissue on the spring tree, press small pieces into a spot of glue with the eraser end of a pencil.
Summer: Draw or glue small green apples on the summer page.
Autumn: Use a red bingo dabber to make red apples on the autumn page
Winter: Bare branches and snowmen work well in winter. A blue sky with dabs of white paint help finish the picture.

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