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Beginner Book Sets to help your children read...

Beginner book sets are little books that use the same words throughout a given story to provide the reading practice and the self-confidence children need to become successful readers.

Sample book from the "Now I'm Reading" Series... sample pages from Now I'm Reading beginner book set

  1. Beginner (also known as emergent) book sets help children who are learning the basics of reading and allow them to practice the same words over and over.
  2. Most have only about 8 pages with very simple and repetitive sentences that are great for new readers.
  3. Children grow in confidence as they read a whole book by themselves.
  4. Children like to read the stories many times.
  5. Beginner book sets have illustrations on every page.

Beginner Book Set Suggestions:

Now I'm Reading Series... Now I'm Reading Level One

5 star booksThis 5 star balanced literacy series, Now I'm Reading Starter Books...offer six levels, from Pre-Reader to Independent with funny and engaging stories.

The publisher describes the beginner book sets below:

  • Phonics -The phonics approach helps children expand their vocabularies, which strengthens their reading comprehension.
  • A whole-language approach - Each separate book offers a complete plot line, with a beginning, a middle, and an end, which helps develop a child's understanding of "story".
  • The humorous text and lovable characters encourage your child to retell the story in his or her own words.
  • Reading aloud to your child is also recommended, and will help foster a love of language.
  • Simple, repetitive text that uses the same words throughout a given story to provide the reading practice and the self-confidence your child needs to become a successful reader.
  • A building-block pattern
  • An appropriate, organized sequence of skills
  • Colorful, fun-filled, detailed illustrations.

About the Now I'm Reading beginner book sets...

  • Each hardbound holder contains 10 paperback books.
  • The holder itself is well designed and the paperbacks are held inside and in place by a large magnetic flap on the outside and individual plastic holders on the inside.
  • There is a parent/teacher guide in the front.
  • Each book comes with a sticker that the child places on the inside front page when he or she is finished reading it.

Now I'm Reading sample book, Rat Naps

Animal Antics: Now I'm Reading! (Level 1), beginning readers are exposed to predictable, patterned text. The ten books provide readers with short vowel sounds, simple consonant sounds, and sight words. Fat Cat, for example, exposes the reader to the short vowel a, the sight words "a" and "is," the word ending -s, consonant blends cl, gl, and -st. It does all this through a delightfully engaging tale about a cat.

Sample pictures from the beginning book sets...

sample page from Now I'm Reading Beginner book series sample page from Now I'm Reading Beginner book series

Purchase the Now I'm Reading! Amazing Animals - Level 2 from

Other Beginner Book Reading Sets

First Little Readers

First Little Readers Parent Pack Beginning book sets: Guided Reading Level A: 25 Irresistible Books That Are Just the Right Level for Beginning Readers

These sets from Scholastic come in 3 different levels A, B, and C. Each set has about 25 books and are sight word based. They are written for beginner readers.

Starfall Learn to Read

Starfall Learn to Read

This beginner book set contains 15 editions of Starfall's Learn-to-Read phonics books, Zac the Rat and other tales. The beginner books have durable gloss covers, measure 6"x 9" and are packaged in a colorful carrying case with a handle.

Starfall's Learn-to-Read phonics stories were written with special attention to the relationship between the full-color illustrations and the text on the page. These books for emergent readers accompany the Starfall reading program online and helps make the reading process into an entertaining program.

Books included in this set: Zac the Rat, Peg the Hen, The Big Hit, Mox the Fox, Gus the Duck, Jakes Tale, Petes Sheep, Sky Ride, Robot and Mr. Mole, Dune Buggy, Soap Boat, Car Race, My Horse Glory, Surfer Girl, My Family.

Sight Word Readers Parent Pack

Sight Word Readers Parent Pack: Learning the First 50 Sight Words

This set of 25 little books that teach 50 of the most frequently used words in print. The stories are playful stories and can soon be read independently.

This set also includes a mini workbook filled with easy how to's, fun activities, and write and learn pages to give kids practice writing the words too. For use with Grades PreK to 1.

Folk and Fairy Tale Easy Readers

Folk and Fairy Tale Easy Readers Parent Pack: 15 Classic Stories

This box of books is packed with all of the familiar stories like the Princess and the Pea, Three Little Pigs and the Ugly Duckling and more. The stories feature repeating structure, simple words, and great pictures.

There are lots of words that beginning readers will be unfamiliar with but they are repeated often and will be recognized with repeated reading.

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Reproducible beginner book sets - a mini-book for each student...

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