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2 Easy classification games

Early childhood classification games not only increase children's logical thinking skills but also reinforce math vocabulary.

Children can gain experience sorting and classifying as they play with rocks, leaves, buttons or other household items.

Also, educational supply companies produce learning materials for children to sort, including sorting trays, and classification cards.

As children become familiar with the concept of sorting and classifying objects, play the following games to increase math vocabulary. Keep the games simple and do not add too many terms in each classification activity.

kindergarten math activities

1. Let's Sort

Classification Game Materials:

Sorting mat for each child (card or plastic mat with a line down the middle will do)
Pattern blocks for each child

How to Play:

Ask children to choose a few handfuls of pattern blocks. Show them the edges of the orange square block.

"This is the side of the block. We called an edge. How many edges are there? Count them together. Repeat this with a few other pattern blocks.

Put all your blocks with 4 edges or sides on one side of your mat. The orange squares, red trapezoids, and the blue and beige rhombus will fit into this category. Put the blocks that don't have 4 edges on the other side."

Keep playing the sorting game, but change the characteristic - Put all the blocks with 3 edges on one side. Put all the blocks that do not have 3 edges on the other. Use the correct shape names as you demonstrate.

Integrate math games with science

When children collect leaves, rocks, shells or other objects, use them to reinforce sorting skills and vocabulary. "Susan has sorted the rocks into 2 sets, dull and shiny. How many other ways can we classify our rock collection?"

This kindergarten sorting game gives everyone a chance to discuss their sorting rule.

2. Time to Change

Classification Game Materials:

Items to sort
Sorting mats

How to Play:

  • As always, demonstrate the game first.
  • Give students rocks (or something else) to sort.
  • Have the children's names on cards that are turned over in the center of the carpet.

  • After a few minutes of sorting, remove three name cards from the carpet and get those children to tell you their sorting rule.
  • Then say, "Time to change!"
  • All children sort their rocks in a different way than their first sort.
  • Many will copy others and this is fine.
  • Repeat the process until all the children have had a chance to tell how they sorted their rocks.

Helping Young Children Sort

Tip for classification and sorting When teaching sorting or classification skills in kindergarten, some children will put round buttons on one side and yellow round buttons on the other and tell you these ones are round and these ones are yellow.

Have them finish your sentences. "These buttons are ____. These buttons are not ______." Do this a number of times and they soon get the idea of sorting by one criteria at a time. Have fun teaching sorting and classifying to your students.

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