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Free Halloween Worksheets

Make a pumpkin science and math booklet...

Use the following free Halloween worksheets to create a math and science pumpkin book, a parts of the pumpkin plant science booklet, and to practise counting and to review triangles.

Pumpkin Book 1 contains worksheets to record the science and math results from activities on the previous page. Students record the growth of a pumpkin, the pumpkin's circumference, their pumpkin observations and have a pumpkin muffin recipe to take home.

Pumpkin Book 2 teaches the parts of the pumpkin plant.

Kindergarten pumpkin theme

Pumpkin Book 1 Materials:

  • Orange construction paper
  • Free Halloween worksheets - 5 recording sheets
  • Dried pumpkin seeds
  • Green pipe cleaner

1. Cut out a front and back pumpkin from orange construction paper using the free Halloween worksheet pumpkin tracer.

2. After completing each pumpkin math or science activity from the previous page, Pumpkin page 1, have the students complete the corresponding pages on the recording sheets with drawings and copying the correct information from the chart or chalkClassroom pumpkin activityboard.

3.When all the sheets are completed, have the students put them in order and staple them between the two cover pumpkins.  Put one staple on the left hand side of the booket.

4. Fold all the pages in half, then in half again before closing the booklet. Open up pages to read the pages.

5. Wrap a green pipe cleaner around a pencil to create a vine and tape it onto the pumpkin book.

Make a "Parts of the Pumpkin Plant" book... pumpkin booklet

This is a follow up activity for after the students have completed the pumpkin observation activities on pumpkin page 1.

Materials for each child: (this makes a large book, cut paper size in half to make a smaller book and to save paper)

Tip! You may want to precut some of the pieces, depending on your students' ability levels.sdsdssdf



1. Fold paper lengthwise. Draw a large oval touching all sides of the paper.

2. Cut through the folded piece of orange construction paper to make two ovals as large as possible for pumpkin shells.

3. Cut out two ovals as large as possible from the two sheets of yellow photocopy paper.

4. Glue the yellow sheets on the two orange pumpkins. These are the inside of the pumpkins.

5. Cut out a stem shape and a leaf shape.

6. Draw lines down the outside shell of the pumpkin with orange markers.

7. Attach the stem, the vine and the leaf with tape or glue.

8. Help students glue the correct word labels from the free halloween worksheets. Have students focus on the first letter of each word or have the children match the word written on the chalkboard to the one on their paper.

Example, "Look at your words. Find the ones that start with "s". Look at the letter I made on the chalkboard, this is an "s". There are 3 words that start with an "s". They could say stem or seeds or shell. Help me out. We are looking for the word stem. What sound comes next in the word stem...sss tttt eee mmmm? That's correct a "t". A "t" looks like this. Find the word that looks like this.." Write "stem" on chalkboard.

Glue all words on.

9. Put two staples on the left hand side of the book.

10. Open book so the inside is showing. Have students put lots of white glue on the right inside page and then put wrinkly orange yarn for pulp and dried pumpkin seeds into the glue. Leave books open until dry (probably overnight).

Other free Halloween worksheets for kindergarten...

Matching pumpkins and printing numbers.

free Halloween worksheets

Counting triangles and the letter Pp. free Halloween worksheets





1. Pumpkin theme...
Teach science and math with pumpkins

2. Science, math
Make a pumpkin book to record all pumpkin science and math observations and also a "Parts of a Pumpkin Plant" booklet. Kindergarten-lesson plan bonus - 2 free Halloween worksheets.

3. Pumpkin mini book
Make this simple preschool or kindergarten Halloween minibook to practice the letter Pp (or J for jack-o-lantern or H for Halloween).

4. Art & Math
Download these Halloween math pages to give students practice matching similar shapes. Introduce the concept and vocabulary of symmetry to kids as they match and glue the pumpkins together.

5. More Art & Math!
Pumpkin math art, graphs, and tallies!

6. Halloween Bulletin Board and free tracer
Instead of creating a bulletin board with 20 identical pieces of artwork, find out how to use 3 or 4 different theme activities (being sure to include one item from each student in the class).

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