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Free Kindergarten Worksheets

Worksheets by subject...

For your convenience the pages with free kindergarten worksheets are listed below. Copyright note: Please note that almost all handouts are my original work.

The printables are available for personal non-business and non-commercial use. They may be used by parents, teachers and daycare providers for free, but they are not to be used for financial gain.

Holidays pages with free worksheets:

turkey head tracer

Make a potato turkey centerpiece. This page has a tracer for making the turkey heads.


Halloween Bulletin Board
  This page contains the following:
   Crow tracer
   Pumpkin Leaf Tracer
   Pumpkin Sink or Float Worksheet

Halloween math and science contains:
   Pumpkin book cover tracer
   Pumpkin plant words
   Five pages for Halloween math and science recording booklet
   Matching pumpkins and printing numbers
   Counting triangles and the letter Pp

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day dove craft has a tracer for dove and hearts

Mother's Day

  This Mother's Day page contains a "Mother's Day Teapot Card" worksheet.


This Christmas page has tracers for making Christmas decorations
Christmas math bulletin board page has a measuring recording sheet

Math pages with free kindergarten worksheets

Symmetry - Basic shape handout for making a symmetry clown

Ten Little Rubber Ducks - yellow duck handout for student counting books

Environmental science pages free kindergarten worksheets

This page of 7 worksheets goes with all the prior activities in the environmental science section.

  • Where do worms live? handout
  • Worm home observation worksheet to use at Buddy Time
  • 2 Recycling and sorting garbage worksheets
  • 2 Compost worksheets
  • Cover for "I Spy Book" science observation booklets

Tide Pool Theme:

  • 4 tracers for starfish (seastars) - cushion, common, sun and brittle sea stars

Social studies pages free kindergarten worksheets

"The Gunniwolf" by Wilhelmina Harper has the following handouts

  • Characters for "The Gunniwolf"   
  • "The Gunniwolf" story map
  • Student "The Gunniwolf"  mask
  • Headings for "The Gunniwolf"comparison chart

Theme page with kindergarten worksheets

Apple Theme

This page has the following apple theme worksheets:

1. Make a minibooklet stages of apple growth

  • Cut & assemble in the correct order

2. Make an "Apple Tree Through the Seasons" book

  • Pages worksheet
  • Seasons of the apple tree tracer handout

Light theme

1. This page has a link to a "Goodnight Moon" rhyming book.
2. Science page - Brainstorm light sources and then make posters with these light source picture tracers.

Winter Theme

1. Worksheets in order on the... Winter Theme Art & Literacy Page

  • Snowflake man worksheet
  • Snowflake man scarf, mittens and hat
  • Winter theme vocabulary worksheet
  • Tracer for the snowy white mitten in the story, "The Mitten",  by Jan Brett

2. Worksheets in order on the... Winter Theme Science & Math Page

  • Mitten tracers for symmetry activities
  • Animals for hibernation picture worksheet
Spring Theme

This Spring page contains a link to a tracer for making snowdrop stencils
Spring kite page contains a kite handout to accompany "Curious George flies a kite"

2. Worksheets in order on the... Winter Theme Science & Math Page

  • Mitten tracers for symmetry activities
  • Animals for hibernation picture worksheet

Tide Pools - see environmental science above...

Parent support

Parent handout "Activities to support children's learning at home"

Parent handout 2 - Eight ways to support summer learning

Parent handout 3 - 10 classroom survival skills to teach your children before they go to school

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