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Free science worksheets

Environmental education - free science worksheets

These free science worksheets offer students an opportunity to record their knowledge and are intended to be used after the students have had direct experiences with the subject matter on the worksheets.

The free science worksheet #9 can be used for any science topic that you are studying. See a sample of the "My I Spy Book", used during a study of buds to blossoms.

The following free science worksheets are pdf files. Click on each to open, then print. If you can't open them, follow the link and download the free Adobe Reader program.

1. Compost worksheet flap

2. Compost worksheet

environmental education worksheets environmental education worksheets

3. Items to sort for compost, recycling, and garbage worksheet

4. Sort garbage and recycling worksheet

environmental education worksheets environmental education worksheets

5. Outside worm worksheet activity to be completed with older buddies

6. Worm houses worksheet

environmental education worksheets worm burrow worksheet 

7. Cover for "My I Spy" observation booklet

8. Recording sheet for plant growth

kindergarten environmental education Plant growth recording sheet

 9. "I Wonder Why..." booklet cover (fits 8.5 x 11 inch papers)

10. Free starfish tracers

I wonder why? worksheet Link to Starfish tracer 1

Keep science hands on...

Early learners need to follow the three stages of hands on learning in all subjects, not only math. These stages are are often called the concrete, the representational or connecting and the abstract (this stage is not too important for kindergarten students).

An example of the stages of hands on learning in a science lesson would be:

  • concrete - students have plenty of time to play with and examine a set of rocks and then sort them into 2 groups, a group of one colored rocks and a group with more than one color
  • representational or connecting - students sort real rocks into two groups using the same criteria as above, and then draw their observations into a science journal
  • abstract - students have a worksheet with pictures of rocks and sort by criteria (no real rocks used)

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Make a leaf rubbing planet earth...Earth Day Art


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