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Types of kindergarten bulletin boards

bulletin boards

Theme Bulletin Boards

Theme kindergarten bulletin boards are great for teaching. Post pictures, words, and sample art work from the present theme.

The bulletin board can be part of the science center display or a wall display. Keep theme bulletin boards low as their purpose is to reinforce content the children are learning.

Creating a theme bulletin board

E.g. Animals in Winter (see image)

  • Use bulletin board colored paper for fast bulletin board assembly
  • Use a strip of white paper to create the winter day
  • Use a strip of brown paper for under the ground
  • Use brown to create a tree trunk and a log
  • Cut flaps in the tree trunk and log before you staple them to the kindergarten bulletin board
  • Use a circle of blue for a pond
  • Cut darker or lighter brownish shapes for burrows and mud under the pond
  • Cut flaps and staple to the board

As the students learn how animals survive in the winter months, they draw and attach their animals and animal name labels onto the appropriate places on the bulletin board. Everyone usually wants to put one animal under a flap.

Make kindergarten bulletin boards interactive

interactive bulletin boards
After reading a story such as Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins, photocopy the farmyard from the book pages and post on the bulletin board.

Photocopy the book cover and staple to the board.

Photocopy Rosie the Hen and the fox, then glue each one onto a piece of card
and cut around it.

Place Rosie and the fox onto a piece of string and attach them also. The children retell the story as they walk Rosie and the fox around the farm.

This kind of bulletin board works well with stories that have some sort of journey.  E.g. The Gunniwolf, Wolf Island

Main display boards

These boards are often in school hallways and function as places for parents to admire their children's work; usually all the students' work is from the same lesson.

Use bulletin boards as a teaching tool

As well as making the room more inviting, classroom bulletin boards can -

  • teach about favorite authors
  • focus on special days such as 100th Day
  • reinforce math and language concepts
  • display word walls
  • introduce new science concepts.

Kindergarten bulletin boards are -

  • valuable teaching tools
  • interactive learning spaces
  • a means of teaching your students about communication
  • spaces that provide your students with opportunities to make choices.

More ideas for kindergarten bulletin boards.

If you like bulletin board trims but hate having to roll them for storage, try this bulletin board border storage pocket chart. The clear vinyl makes decorations easy to see.

bulletin board border storage chart


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