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Light Science Activities for Kids

1. Light & color theme    2. Light science    3. More light science    4. Light & color books

Introduce light and color science activities for kids during the holiday season. Lights are everywhere, and papers that glitter, sparkle and reflect are easily available.

Collecting or borrowing flashlights, led lights, a plasic lightbox and transparent plastic objects will give the students plenty of hands on experiences as they learn about transparency, reflections and shadows.

light science for kids

Light Sources

First - Brainstorm with the kids and see how many light sources your students can think of. They may say: the sun, the moon, the stars, flashlights, light bulbs, fire, fireflies, rainbows, matches, fireworks, lamps, and lasers.

Second - Have the students make a book or poster about sources of light to record their thinking. Have the children draw and cut out sources of light or use the FREE LIGHT SOURCE TRACERS here.

free tracers for kids

Materials to Gather for Science Activities

  • flashlights
  • led lights
  • plastic light box
  • a light brite
  • Old shiny cds that reflect light
  • a collection of papers-
    • black construction
    • colored tissue - light and dark
    • transparent papers
    • cellophane paper in different colors
    • wax paper
  • glittery christmas cards
  • reflective ribbons
  • metal mirrors
  • concave and convex lens (plastic)
  • kaleidoscopes
  • plastic prisms
  • optical illusions and blind spot pictures
  • glitter and glitter paint
  • shiny stickers with stars, circles, or light source shapes

Science activity for kids - Make a "lights in the sky" picture

light unit for kids

Show dark and light, day and night, and sources of light in the sky. Use stickers to make the moon, sun and stars. Add glitter to the light circle.

  • Black circle for dark
  • Yellow circle with glitter on the edges for Light
  • Half black circle on a white circle for night and day
  • White circle with a yellow circle sticker for the sun
  • White circle with an orange circle for the moon
  • White circle with star stickers for the stars

1. Light & color theme outline
2. Light science - light sources, materials to gather, lights in the sky,
3. More light science activities for kids - Make a collage to show that some things reflect light, light color vocabulary, light and color concepts, make a peep box
4. Light & color books

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