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Spring Bulletin Board

kids spring art

Make a cheerful Spring bulletin board. Combine easy to make pussy willows, blossom branches and daffodils to make a Spring flower garden.

Pussy Willowskids pussy willow pictures

Pussy willows are an early sign of Spring. Children love to feel the soft fuzzy balls on the plants and allowing them to feel them prompts the use of descriptive vocabulary. Try these pussy willow poems before introducing the Spring art on the right.

Catkin - author unknown

I have a little pussy,
And her coat is silver gray;
She lives in a great wide meadow
And she never runs away.
She always is a pussy, she'll never be a cat
Because---she's a pussy willow!
Now what do you think of that?

A Wish - author unknown

A hundred furry kittens
On a pussy willow tree
I wish they'd all turn into cats
And come and play with me
Who will tell us Spring is here? Pussy-Will-O!


tip Vary the length and widths of the papers you give to the children to create a more interesting Spring bulletin board. When all the work is exactly the same the bulletin board is too repetitive.


  • Brown markers
  • Rectangular lightweight card
  • Pale gray paint (mix a few drops of black at a time into white liquid tempera paint)


  • Bring pussy willow into class and let the students feel the soft gray balls
  • Help students to observe how the balls are connected to the branch
  • Students make branches using a brown marker and lightweight card
  • Students dip their finger into shallow dishes of gray paint and put gray dots on their branches

Tip! You will have to stop some kids or their whole picture will be covered in gray dots.

Daffodilskids spring art

Daffodils are one of the first flowers of Spring and are easy for children to make. There are many varieties available to bring in and show the children before they add these daffodils to the Spring bulletin board.


  • Yellow paper baking cups
  • Yellow circles the size of the baking cups
  • Cut yellow tissue or crepe paper petals
  • Cut green leaves and stems of various lengths


  • Students glue 5 petals around the yellow circle
  • Students glue a stem on the other side of the yellow circle
  • Students glue baking cup onto petal/stem section

Branches and Blossoms spring crafts for kids


  • rectangular lightweight card cut in a variety of widths and lengths
  • brown markers
  • tissue paper 1" squares in a variety of pink colors
  • white glue in cottage cheese container lids
  • pencils


  • Students wrap 1" squares colored tissue paper around the end of a pencil, dip them into a shallow container of white glue and then press the tissue onto the paper
  • When the glue is dry the students cut around their blossom branches to complete this kids Spring craft

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