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Teaching Reading

plastercine letters

8 activities to help children remember letters and letter sounds...

Teaching reading with fun and simple activities give children practice with alphabet recognition, phonics, phonemic awareness, sight word recognition and word families.

1.Teaching reading with modeling clay

Teaching reading with modeling clay or play dough type products helps children learn letters and letter sounds. Make six inch square cards and print one large letter on each one. The children cover the letter lines with modeling clay.

2. Bring letter sound items for Show and Tell

Have each child bring an item for Show and Tell that begins with a certain letter sound. Display the items, then help the children classify them into groups and count them. Example: Eight of the items that begin with "Mmm" are toys, three are books, etc...

3. Teaching Reading with Sound "I Spy"

Have the children (or a small group of children) look for an object in the room that begins with the letter sound. When they find something they sit down and place it in the middle of the carpet. When all the children have returned with an object, slowly say the name of each one, emphasizing the beginning letter sounds. Help any students who are having difficulty finding an object.

4. Play modified ABC Bingo

4 letter bingo

Play games like Bingo, but create your own cards to start with. Playing Bingo with 3 or 4 letters at a time is more beneficial than using a set with the whole alphabet on it.

Repeat the same letters on the cards so children have more than one opportunity to locate it.

As children are able, use commercial ABC and word Bingo cards.

5. Paint letters

Paint letters at the easel using thick bright colored paints and big brushes.

6.Teaching reading with sewing and tracing cards

There are many commercial sewing and tracing products available or you can make your own ABC and 123 lacing cards with a hole punch and cereal box cardboard.

teach with sewing cards

Some wooden lacing cards can be used for tracing as well as sewing, which helps children builds small muscle coordination.

7. Make body letter shapes

Print a very large letter, such as a capital "Y" on the chalkboard or whiteboard. Have the children put their feet close together and open their arms above their heads to make a "Y" shape. Say, "Let's turn into a ___", as you change the letter on the chalkboard to a different letter.

8. Use Whiteboards

Using white boards seems to motivate kids to print and draw. I think children like the shiny way the pens glide over the boards and the ease of cleanup. They are available in easel form, as individual 8.5 x 11 boards and off course in many other sizes. Non-toxic pens also available for kids (and adults!)

Circle Time Activities

Circle Time / Morning Meeting

Also, take advantage of daily Circle Times to help children practice reading skills. Books such as, Circle Time Activities (Early Years)offer suggestions on how to use Circle time to extend language and literacy skills.

More Circle Time books with activities to help build a caring classroom environment, to help kids get to know each other, to learn classroom rules and routines, and to build early reading and writing skills

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