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More winter theme activities

The imagery of winter inspires many Art and Language Arts winter theme activities.

White snow, frosty patterns, cobalt blue shadows, and spots of color against white snow supply ideas for winter pictures and booklets.

Winter art & literacy activities

Winter Theme Activities

The Snowy Daya Caldecott Medal winner, is the simple tale of a boy waking up to discover that snow has fallen during the night. Keats's illustrations, using cut-outs, watercolors, and collage, are a great motivation for an art activity.

Winter poetry like, The North Wind Doth Blow, Pease Porridge Hot, and Rain, Rain Go Away, encourage language arts movement and drama activities.

Activities such as winter bird watching, building bird feeders, making snowmen or going for a snowy day walk, all prompt children to write, draw and create.

Art - winter theme activities

Make a snowflake

winter art activity

Have students make their own large snowflakes or have a parent helper cut out snowflakes using the snowflake tracer. Another tracer is available for the face, hat and mitts.

Make Snowman Art

Another winter theme activity begins with colored construction paper, white paint and cotton balls. winter art activities

Have the children first draw the snowman circles and snow with white paint mixed with white glue.

Encourage them to make their snowmen different sizes and looking in different directions for a more interesting picture. Attach cotton balls to the wet paint. Decorate with bits of colored construction paper.

Winter theme activities - Language Arts

Make a winter theme vocabulary book

winter word bookwinter word book









Have children cut out pictures from the free winter worksheet and then classify. Clothing goes on one page, winter food on another. Make sure you have taught this winter theme activity using real objects as suggested in the math activities section on the previous page.

Put 4 or 5 white pages together, staple at the top, then cut through all the pages at once to make a snowman shaped booklet.

Glue each category of winter words on individual pages, one for winter foods, one for winter clothes, another for winter weather.

Winter theme reading activities

Act out "The Mitten" story

  • Read and compare two versions of "The Mitten" (See books below)
  • Pretend a table is the big white mitten and the children take turns being the various characters and crawling inside.
  • Another winter theme activity is to make a snowy white mitten to practice sequencing the story. Use this large mitten tracer to make your own lightweight card mitten or purchase a big white mitten from the store.
  • After sequencing the story as a group, the children can make their own mitten. A parent is often needed to help cut the mittens out, punch the holes, and help the kids sew them together with yarn. Use white card so they don't tear easily.
  • The children then draw pictures of the animals, cut them out and retell the story. Have a chart posted with pictures of all the animals and the animal words on it.
teaching tips

Teacher Tip!

Some children spend way too long trying to cut out around each leg of the animals with the above and similar activities. The jagged cuts get caught on the sides of the mitten and tear. Teach them to draw a circle around each one of their animals and then cut out around the circle.

Winter math and science
Winter theme activities - literacy and art
Winter theme - more teaching literacy ideas

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