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If you're feeling overloaded by the demands of being an educator and looking for tips and products that show you how to more effortlessly Math and Science Resource teach your students by presenting topics in ways that takes advantage of their natural inquisitiveness, you've come to the right place.

As a kindergarten teacher, you know that there is only so much little kids can learn by listening and watching, they need to figure stuff out for themselves. They need to have movement and oral language and opportunities to ask questions. They need interaction with others and sensory experiences. They need to solve problems and wiggle. They need to learn by playing.

My name is Patricia and I save educators time and energy by making use of my 20+ years of teaching experience to provide lessons that let the kids do the above.. If you want to be more relaxed, experience more joy when teaching, and be able to walk out the door a little earlier after school, this is the place for you.

If you want your students better behaved, happy and on task, give them lessons that:

  • offer objects for them to be curious about
  • encourage them to ask questions
  • allow them to touch and investigate
  • direct their attention to focus on a specific topic that
  • provide opportunities for them to find more information with books and other sources
  • present opportunities for collections, sorting, classifying, comparisons, testing
  • make activities available that include observations about quantity, size, position and proportion
  • increase their vocabulary
  • encourage different ways to record their observations and new knowledge and give them opportunities to share it
Teach kindergarten provides information for...

  • parents who home school
  • early childhood or primary educators
  • education students
  • beginning teachers
  • seasoned teachers changing grades
  • parents wondering what their children should be learning in school

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