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Teach children to observe, investigate and think creatively...

Teach kindergarten

Make a Difference...

If you're looking for practical advice and step-by-step instructions that show you how to present activities to students in ways that improve their ability to make sense of new concepts, as well as your ability to teach them, you've come to the right place.

If you want your students interested, happy and on task, give them lessons that offer a variety of different learning experiences, things to touch and discover and a print rich environment.

Teach young children in ways that make a substantial difference to their success as learners and to your success as an educator. inspires educators to help preschool and kindergarten children learn with:

  • investigations,
  • observation skills,
  • asking questions,
  • and recording what is significant to them.

5 Ways to Help Children Succeed...

  1. Provide a literacy-rich environment.
  2. Give children objects to touch and discover, as well as materials to record their observations.
  3. Understand that learning is developmental and that children learn through play and experimenting.
  4. Give kids plenty of time to practice new skills.
  5. Teach with thematic units filled with interesting content.
Homeschool kindergarten how to be a kindergarten teacher provides information for...

  • parents who home school
  • early childhood or primary educators
  • education students
  • beginning teachers
  • seasoned teachers changing grades
  • parents wondering what their children should be learning in school

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