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Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation Ideas page 1

10 tips for a stress free graduation...

Searching for kindergarten graduation ideas in June can become one more chore during an already busy school month. Like everything else when teaching, planning ahead keeps things peaceful for students, parents and teachers.

kindergarten graduation ideasDuring the past year, preschool and kindergarten children have been learning to separate from their family, to be more independent, to be a good friend, and to work as part of a group. It is great to honor these achievements at the end of the school year but once again my advice for this age group is keep it simple.

Read the following kindergarten graduation ideas for ways to achieve this...

1. Ask the principal or another person to hand out diplomas

  • It is a good idea to have another person handing out the diplomas so you will be free to guide the children.
  • Ask the person well in advance, before they get booked up with other appointments.

2. Round up volunteers

  • If possible ask someone besides your parents to volunteer.
  • Have them organize some simple finger food and juice, take photos and help you clean up.
  • Sometimes your parents from the year before will help you out.

3. Keep the ceremony time during school hours

  • Today many parents are working full time, children are scheduled for after school daycare, sports and lessons and busy teachers are expected to be involved in many non-teaching extra curricula activities.
  • Have the ceremony during regular school hours, either first thing or last thing in the day when parents are either dropping children off or picking them up.
  • Take lots of pictures for the parents who cannot attend.
  • Another kindergarten graduation idea is to schedule the ceremony near the beginning of June, rather than near the end when everyone is very busy with field trips and sports days.

4. Make it memorable but easy for all

  • It doesn't take much to make an event memorable for young children.
  • Plan one special surprise such as a hammock above the children full of balloons that drop down at the end of the ceremony. Assign one person to tip the hammock.

5. Suggest easy costumes

  • Unless it is tradition or expected in your school, I say forget Grade 12 type graduation hats and gowns.
  • Great kindergarten graduation ideas - forget all time consuming costumes. Instead of the traditional graduation gear for each child, have the children dress up with the theme of, "What I want to be when I grow up".
  • Ask parents to keep costumes simple. Wear nice clothes but add a stethoscope for a doctor, a fire hat for a firefighter, a briefcase for a business woman etc.
  • Before each child walks across to receive their diploma, they don their costume.
  • Announce each child, "This is Shelly, who would like to be a veterinarian when she grows up..."

Page Two - Go to 10 tips for a stress free graduation #6 - #10...

  6. Recite poems (or songs) students have already learned...
  7. Download free diplomas...
  8. Ask someone to be in charge of photographs to capture each child's special moment...
  9. Keep refreshments simple...
  10. Plan ahead for next year's gift...

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