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Light and Color Theme

1. Light & color theme    2. Light science    3. More light science    4. Light & color books

Help children learn while having fun with light and color. Try the following science, socials, literacy, math and art activities on the next three pages to help your students increase their understanding of light science.

light science for kids

Math activities:

  • Make color patterns - yellow, yellow, orange, yellow, repeat
  • Classify items - things that are transparent, things that are not
  • Make a real graph - things that reflect light, things that don't, count how many in each row
  • Make red, orange & yellow stars - sequence from largest to smallest, lightest to darkest
kindergarten light activities

Light and color science activities:

  • Discover light sources
  • Experiment with opaque, translucent, and transparent papers
  • Experiment with reflective and non reflective materials
  • List of light concepts & activities for teaching concepts
  • Light vocabulary
  • Candle experiments

Light and color literacy ideas:

Goodnight Moon activity
  • Read "Good Night Moon" a few times to the children.
  • Emphasize the rhyming words in the story.
  • Bring the children's attention to the letter "G" on the book cover.
  • Teach how to print the capital and lower case "g".
  • Brainstorm and list (with pictures) other things that could be in the room and rhyme e.g. 'Goodnight rat and goodnight cat..."
  • Create a group "Goodnight Moon" book, model on large paper.
  • Have the kids create their own "Goodnight Moon" books using frame sentences  "Goodnight _________ and goodnight __________ "
  • Download file for "Goodnight Moon" rhyming activity.

Light and color social studies:

  • Show and talk about everyday light tools (telescope, magnifying glass, eye glasses, binoculars, cameras)
  • Show fire safety DVD
  • Bring in visiting fireman or have a trip to the fire hall

art activity for kids

Light and color art:

  • Fingerpaint on black construction paper and gold paint
  • Learn primary colors - red, yellow and blue
  • Mix primary colors with white
  • Make a color spinner
  • Make Christmas cards with lots of glitter
  • Make a light picture with a variety of yellows and oranges.
  • Teach about light and dark yellow and orange.
  • Make a reflection collage
  • Make see  through glasses
  • Make Christmas decorations - Stars and moon covered in glitter
  • Make sun print paper papers

Other winter holiday activities :

  • Donations to the food bank
  • Make holiday cards for the nursing home residents
  • Bring in visiting fireman or have a trip to the fire hall
  • Focus on giving to others

1. Light & color theme art, literacy, math and social studies
2. Light science - light sources, materials to gather, lights in the sky,
3. More light science - Make a collage to show that some things reflect light, light color vocabulary, light and color concepts, make a peep box
4. Light & color books

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