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8 Science Fair Projects Tips

science fair projects

1. Make science fair projects age appropriate. Kindergarten science fair projects that match the kindergarten science skills list are preferable.

2. A project that represents mostly parent thinking, planning and presentation benefits the parent more than the child.

3. Don't push your students and their parents to complete an involved science project. There will be many opportunities in future grades for more difficult tasks.

4. A science project that involves using the five senses to make observations and sharing this information with pictures, charts, or demos is a great start.

friction ramp

5. Keep science fair projects noncompetitive for kindergarten. Young students will benefit from being part of a large science event where all participants are appreciated.

6. Encourage the children to solve problems in creative ways, to talk about what they are doing with their friends and family and to use their 5 senses to make their observations.

7. If children have had prior opportunities recording their observations in kindergarten science centers they will be ready to do the same in the kindergarten science fair project.

8. Remember - Keep It Simple - it's kindergarten!

  • Pick a topic from the following:
    • Life Sciences - characteristics of living things
    • Physical science –identify the properties of non-living objects
    • Earth and Space Science – features of the local environment
    • Include skills of observation, collecting, and communicating
  • Collect everything you need
  • Do the experiment or study and record your observations
  • Make a backboard with wonderful kindergarten drawings
  • Plan how to arrange the presentation

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Kindergarten Science Fair Ideas

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